Little foxes spoil the vines

SONGS 2:15

Historians say that, in ancient times, when they had to deal with a rival or enemy, it was a neighbor or another nearby town; They did not always go to arms, but took little foxes; They were not very visible and they placed burning torches on their tails (wood splinter, impregnated in resin) and released them to the fields that their adversaries had planted, and destroyed their crops. An example of this was Samson, with his enemies the Philistines in Judges 15: 4-5

Normally, human beings give much more importance to big things, call them problems, dangers, diseases, life circumstances …

We do not attend, or we pay attention to small ailments, or to certain signs, that something is not right; and that they could be doing us a lot of damage, even if it seems insignificant.

We are going to name some of them:


Many times surrounded by a crowd … and we feel alone.


We act like the comedian, we make others laugh, but we cry internally.


Nothing fills us, nothing pleases us, and this causes a void in the heart.

Frustration and discontent:

This does not happen overnight, it is a small bite, a little fox that we have not identified in time and causes demotivation of everything we have done in the past and are still doing; And when others do not appreciate or value our work or effort, discontent comes as a consequence and we feel unhappy.


As a popular proverb says … it seems that we are bitten by a snake most of the time … annoyed with everyone and even with ourselves and we do not know why.

Can you identify with some of these signs?

Snake bites are so tiny they can hardly be seen, and no matter the size of the snake, if it is poisonous it can cause irreparable damage, even death.

In the same way, these things annoy us and stop us from having a healthy life, emotionally and spiritually.

Jesus said: The thief (snake bite) comes to steal and kill, but I have come so that they may have abundant life.

As a summary I list 4 tips to be free of those emotional ties:

  1. Do not ignore when some of these symptoms disturb you, observe if it is a small snake bite.
  2. Do not minimize them, give them the importance, to get them out of your life.
  3. Turn to God, to his Word and to his promises, for example, if it is loneliness that overwhelms you, the promise is: I will be with you every day of the world, if it is sadness, remember that God promised: to dry our tears, and thus not allow those foxes to come to burn what God has taught us in his precious Word.
  4. Don’t wait too long to get rid of any clutter, don’t play with it, get up and be even happier than you feel today.

That is God’s wish for you!

Eliasib Guerrero ChacĂ­n
Teacher of the Word of God.